When ramping up your marketing efforts, you will likely find yourself pondering the difference between a consultant and an agency. This is especially true if you are a small to mid-sized business with overtaxed internal marketing resources. The differences between a marketing consulting company and a marketing agency are considerable, but they overlap in several areas as well. It’s important to understand their respective roles to utilize your marketing dollars effectively.

Marketing Consulting Company: The Go-To Source For Advice And Analysis

Marketing consulting companies help you to develop marketing strategies. They deep-dive into useful analytics, such as the all-important marketing return on investment (ROI). Marketing consultants can serve companies of any size.

Small Business Foundations And Fundamentals: 

One-person and small businesses are often new to the marketing game. There is a host of new terms and concepts to digest. There are literally thousands of marketing tools available, and finding the best one for a small company budget is both challenging and time-consuming. An experienced expert proficient in building a marketing foundation from the ground up can be extremely helpful. They reduce the complexity of getting started, provide educational services to demystify the industry, and save time by recommending tool choices ideally suited to your needs. Understanding a target audience is difficult to do, but it is a fundamental pillar of small business success. Marketing consultants are a wealth of information on how to accomplish this.

Big Business Rebranding And Expansion: 

Medium and larger businesses have established a brand, voice, and audience. But they may want to re-brand themselves, or branch out into a new area and reach new customers. Re-branding requires a different approach than establishing a fresh one. Just like remodeling a home isn’t the same as building one on an empty lot. Larger businesses don’t always have hard numbers attached to their marketing efforts or a way to quantify results. Consultants can run audits and bring organization and clarity to current marketing efforts.

It’s important to note that asking someone to develop a branding strategy is very different than asking someone to develop a brand. Marketing consultant companies help you with strategies and analytics, but typically don’t do the actual work themselves.

Marketing Agency: Creative Ideas Implemented For You

A marketing agency is all about creation and application. They develop the brand itself, draw up your logo, design web pages, and much more. Specialists such as writers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and others work together on your project. Idea generation, composition, and distribution are handled by experts. However, the focus that makes agencies so good at what they do holds them back from seeing the bigger picture. They rarely offer advice and strategy in addition to design.

So, you can think of marketing agencies as the boots-on-the-ground specialists who get the job done, and marketing consultant companies as the officers drafting up the larger plan. However, a single company can fill both roles.

Hybrid Theory: Stemside Offers Advice And Implementation

Marketing agencies and a marketing consulting company can and do coexist. Stemside is one such company. We provide strategic advice for organizations of all sizes for areas such as online marketing and social media. You don’t have to feel forced into choosing between the pros and cons of marketing agencies and marketing consultant companies. Contact us today for an initial consultation, and enjoy the best of both.

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