As your business grows, your marketing needs grow with it. Jonas Salk summed it up pretty well when he said: “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” As all that hard work from you and your team pays off, hiring a digital marketing consultant to help with the ever-increasing demands of the complex online marketing world becomes a good idea. But what does a digital marketing consultant do, exactly? While it’s a big job with a lot of moving parts, here it is in one sentence:

A digital marketing consultant develops the strategy to use online tools for the purpose of enhancing your relationship with existing customers and getting discovered by new ones.

Sounds simple enough, but there’s a lot that goes into that. Let’s take a look at what a digital marketing consultant does in more detail.

Enhances Customer Relationships

These days, customers want more than just a product or service. They want to build a relationship with a company. Developing healthy relationships with customers pays big dividends. Customers with strong bonds to a company are more loyal. They assist with marketing by sharing information online with friends, family, and coworkers. They are more apt to fill out surveys and give valuable insight into what they want. Digital marketing consultants can improve customer relationships by suggesting content generation methods like blogs and how-to guides, leveraging social media sites, improving your website layout and design, and more.

Attracts New Customers

Digital marketing consultants use techniques like search engine optimization (SEO) to guide customers to your digital door. SEO is a bit complex and changes over time. Digital marketing consultants have a lot of experience and keep on top of the changing trends in SEO. They know the most effective techniques so you don’t have to. They understand how to use social media to reach out to new customers. Even if you don’t have a big following yet.

Develops A Unique, Engaging Brand

Millions of blogs are created daily. In May of 2017, WordPress alone had over 83.1 million posts and greater than 409 million viewers.  That is the kind of competition your marketing efforts are up against. The sheer volume can be intimidating, but that’s exactly why a digital marketing consultant is so valuable. They can do more than just create content. They can develop a voice that is custom built for your target audience. That vastly increases your chances of success against such staggering odds. A strong brand and voice make your content unique and engaging. It reaches out directly to your target audience by speaking in their language.

Creates Strategy Roadmaps And Defines Goals

Marketing doesn’t have an endpoint. It’s easy to get lost in a nebulous marketing project that never seems to begin or end. Digital marketing consultants define clear, measurable objectives. They establish short and long-term goals and show you how to reach them. They know which tools to use that are the best fit for your budget and stage of growth. The number of tools available can be dizzying, and it’s easy to end up paying too much for a comprehensive software package that has a lot of features you don’t need yet.

Implements Metrics And Analysis

One of the most important things a digital marketing consultant does is provide a way to measure results. According to the Wall Street Journal, how much of a companies budget is spent on marketing varies by industry. Consumer packed goods, consumer services, and tech software/biotech were at the top, paying 15%-24%. Transportation, manufacturing, and energy were at the bottom with 4-8%. Digital marketing consultants can show how much return on investment companies are getting so they can spend as efficiently as possible. There are lots of key criteria a digital marketing consultant can set you up to track. How many people visit your site? Where did they come from? Did they stay and explore or flit away immediately? What percentage of visitors ending up purchasing something? That’s just the beginning of what they can do. Marketing consultants can quantify your expenses, results, and overall performance.

Where To Find A Digital Marketing Consultant?

That’s an overview of what a digital marketing consultant does. But where do you find one? If you’re a small business owner, check out this helpful article on how to find a small business marketing consultant. Or contact us at Stemside and we can answer your questions directly.


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